I have been coding professionally since 2006 when I graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Since then, I have worked for 6 different companies in 6 different industries as a software engineer. I have worked on web development, server side development, database development and since 2011, I have been coding on Android.

The 6 industries I have worked for are:

  • Government Contractor
  • Invoicing/Purchase Orders/Receipting
  • Non Profit elearning
  • Conferences/Event Planning
  • MedTech
  • FinTech

All of my jobs have required different skills, programming languages, tools and have forced me to learn how to solve different problems in different ways.

The Dream

Android is an extremely difficult platform to write clean code and bug free software on. The reason being is that Android is horribly designed. I am creating this blog to start sharing all the issues that Android has in the hopes that bringing more awareness to these issues will convince Google to invest in fixing Android. I don’t see that actually happening, but I can dream. For that reason, I don’t see myself ever becoming a “Google Developer Expert.” I am more than willing to take cash bribes to shut me up though ;). Also, I am pretty sure the GDE program is designed to just be more propaganda and marketing where developers keep promoting Android’s terrible APIs so that software engineers do not realize how bad they have it.

This blog is also meant to have people challenge my ideas. I will never claim to be an expert in anything, especially Android since it is unnecessarily complicated and ugly. More than likely I will be wrong often in my thinking or reasoning. Feel free to point out my mistakes! Part of being a software engineer is to be able to learn and grow.